June 28, 2012

Dealing with Blogger Block

Just a few ideas for those days when you want to blog, but you've got the "block"...

Make Coffee. Coffee does wonders for my brain, and Web MD agrees with me! And when you're out, it's just another opportunity from the Lord to make another pot! ;)

Change Locations. Sometimes writing in a different room or place helps. We can't all be writers who lock themselves up in a dark room and come out with the next great American novel. Change up your scenery a bit.
Brainstorm! Remember how in elementary school your teacher made you do that dumb writing step called brainstorming when you already had an idea in mind and thought it was a total waste of time (or maybe that was just me)? Turns out she was on to something there. I still think it's dumb to brainstorm if you've already got a really good idea, but if you don't, it's a great thing to do. Just grab a cup of coffee and whatever comes to mind, write it down, even if it initially seems like a stupid idea at first. My brainstorm book is filled with junk such as quotes, random thoughts about practically everything (from skittles to the meaning of life), and doodles, but some of the my favorite posts have come from that "junk."

Peruse Your Favorite Blogs. Often I'll be reading a friend's blog and then an idea will come to me.

Turn Off the Computer. Sitting in front of the screen too long can lead to being unproductive. You end up getting distracted by Facebook, Twitter, or Pintrest... and the next thing you know a few hours have gone by and you still don't have an idea. Go do something else. Go hang out with friends, go read a book, do your laundry, work-out, craft... just get away from the computer for a while and pursue some other creative/active outlet.
Never Underestimate a Good List. Do some creative list posts. I'm not talking about a to-do list, because let's be honest, most of us don't get much out of reading someone else's to-do list, nor am I talking about a favorite things list either, because how many of those can one make before it's just redundant? Be creative. Some of the lists I've done here on the blog have been 10 Reasons Why I Won't Date You, Life Lessons I Learned from Gilmore Girls, Confessions of a Podcast Junkie, and 5 Christian Pet Peeves of Mine. Just start brainstorming list ideas and see what comes. Here are a few I've considered writing, but probably never will get to, so you're free to use them (just let me know, so I can come read your blog post): 5 Reasons I Hate Banana Bread, Questions I'd Like to Ask Sherlock Holmes, and The Worst 10 Christmas Songs Known to Mankind. Some of the best posts I've ever read have been lists.

Write Your Blogs in Batches. This my favorite tip of all, which I totally took from Jon Acuff. I write all my blog posts in batches now. So some days I write two or three, and then none at all, but still have a post to put up. It's about building up "creative energy." Half-way through the first post I start to get in "blogging-mode," then post two and three come fairly easy and fast.

Have any more? Share in the comments =)


  1. love the coffee, changing locations, and listing idea... oh and looking at other blogs... well, really all these ideas are great ;)

  2. yup. this is great. lists are a great go to although you are my favourite list maker. i'm just always excessively thankful (not to say you aren't!) so they always end up being happy lists instead of hilarious boughts of comedy like you muster. some of the ones you listed are some of my favourite of your posts ever!!

  3. *sigh* Don't we all deal with this.

  4. Amazing tips, from what I consider an expert, ..........YOU.

    i like the list ideas A LOT! thanks natalie!!!


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