May 15, 2012

Summer Means Sloppy Blogging

So yesterday morning I sat down to write a blog, but I ended up getting distracted with children's book assignment I have to complete over the summer.

Today I sat down to write a blog, but I ended up getting distracted with cleaning out my closet (even though I did that over spring break), consuming large quantities of coffee and contemplating how coffee mugs are not manufactured large enough for my taste, reading Holly Furtick's blog (which BTW, is awesome in my opinion), catching up on a couple of e-mails, and working out. 

So what you would've read today you'll get tomorrow (maybe) since there's only two sentences to the post so far.

I'm probably going to be really sloppy with blogging for the next couple of months.

But look what I found in the back of my closest!

I'm game for a water bomb war if you are! I've got lots of ammo now.


  1. I get sloppy in the summer as well. It sounds like a productive day! I used to have water balloons that looked like hand grenades, lol. It was awesome.

  2. i'm impressed that your distractions from blogging are productive things and not like... a "say yes to the dress" marathon haha. that would be me!

    and it's summer! you're allowed to take a break!

    but not toooo much of a break! because selfishly i love when you blog!

  3. i dont think you could be a sloppy blogger if you tried!

  4. hahahah, that's great.
    hey, large quantities of coffee + cleaning? i approve:)

  5. Sloppiness is contagious! haha

    I guess we might have to start a water balloon war to rid us of the sloppiness

  6. Holly Furtick has a blog? Awesome sause!

    PS: LOVE the song below!

  7. "Sloppy" blogging or not, it is still fun and great, Natalie. =)


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