May 9, 2012

Summer Break

As of today, I'm on summer break.

That wonderful time of year where I lay around in bed watching Gilmore Girls, eating tubs of ice cream, cranking up the AC, and watching (basically) all my friends go out with their boyfriends/girlfriends.

Just kidding.

That would be a really pathetic way to spend three months.

But I probably will watch Gilmor Girls.

And eat my fair share of ice cream.

And crank up the AC.

And watch the majority of my friends go out on dates... or plan weddings... as that's the latest trend.

But, aside from that I do plan on reading through the huge stack of books sitting on my nightstand (including the books I'm buying from Amazon here in a couple of days), getting our church's college ministry going, working... maybe... that's a little sketchy at the moment, getting a head start on writing some lesson plans for this fall, blogging (as usual), maybe some crafting, drinking insanely huge cups of coffee, have movie nights with Hannah, and spending hours talking on the phone, since the majority of my friends now live out of state. (I'm still a bit ticked that Erin **just had** to move to Texas. Actually I'm really bummed now that I'm thinking about it.)

Other summery things I'm anticipating: summer dresses with boots, flip-flops, sweet tea and lemonade, rolling down the car windows & blasting country music (because that's what good mid-western girls do), raspberry picking (or eating, depending on your point of view), outdoor theater productions, Chipotle to go and hikes with friends, frozen custard, Hydrangeas, afternoon bike rides, BBQ's, and pulling all-nighters. 

And the things I'm sorta dreading: The humidity, mosquitoes, my inability to get tan without getting a sunburn first, which can lead to painful, sleepless nights, the humidity, opening the freezer and discovering somebody has made off with my personal tub of Haagen Dazs, the humidity messing with my hair, the humidity, and the humidity.

On another note, I kinda wish I was going on a road trip or something, but A.) I don't know where to go, and B.) I hate doing road trips alone... and I don't think Hannah and I could stand doing one with each other. 


  1. your looking-forward-to list sounds just about the same as mine, except for the fact that country music is not my main genre....and i don't have any aspirations to start pulling all-nighters. lol.

    heh. the dread list cracks me up. i mean, it won't in reality. humidity, we get a bit of up here, but not as much as you southernish people. yikes. :P

  2. Great list / post, Natalie. =)

    Humidity = not fun! and I am right there with you about the tan - I can never seem to get one. Ah, well! Life goes on, right!?

  3. congrats on starting your summer! hope you enjoy every bit of it...despite the humidity :)

  4. Well hello there summertime! I know this is going to be a great one for you :)

    I have baby showers and weddings to attend(latest trends indeed). It's going to be an emotional summer.

  5. Yay for finishing your semester! I remember what a good feeling that is. As far as the road trip goes, you can come to PA. We'd love to have you. :)

  6. Yay for summer break!!! Yes, to all your summery things. Love.

  7. have a great summer! love the "rolling down windows & country music part -- cause that's what Midwestern girls do" -- :)

  8. i would love to be on summer break right now! but i only get four days of rest (kinda) before i start summer school. but then i'm done for july and part of august, which will be nice. and i will probably watch gilmore girls too. and eat ice cream. because that's just how you are supposed to do that. i mean, really. :)

  9. ooooh I am so excited and happy for you natalie, enjoy every minute, aside from the things you are dreading :o

  10. roadtrip to toronto!! ;)

    what are your lesson plans for? i think i missed something...!

    YAY! for summer break and being done school!

  11. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sitting around watching Gilmore Girls. In fact, if I lived anywhere close to you I would probably crash at your house all summer to watch it with you :)


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