May 29, 2012

For Hannah

Of two sisters one is always the watcher, one the dancer. ~Louise Gluck
This has been a whirlwind of a week for my baby sister. She's graduating high school tonight and her 18th birthday (she's a votin' citizen now folks!) is this weekend (we're in party mode here at our house). My baby has grown-up and will be leaving in the fall! I feel like that father in My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding: "Why do you want to leave me?!" *Cue Tears* And she is my baby. Sure she's my mom's baby too, but older sisters feel like a second mom of sorts when they have a younger sister. (You fellow older sisters know exactly what I mean here.) So today's post is in honor of her awesomeness.

Hannah, I cannot believe you're officially an adult now. I still see you as that adorable five-year-old who liked to bite me when I made you mad. You and I have had some good times kid, you know that right? I'm so thankful I got a sister like you to play house and Barbie dolls with. A sister who loved Disney princesses, dress-up, and all things girly. A sister who spent summer nights with me eating popsicles, catching fireflies, and attempting to capture toads in mom and dad's garden. You and I had THE idyllic childhood: finger painting, sidewalk chalk, play dough, paper dolls, tea parties, countless days at the park, sparklers, ice cream trucks, the backyard swing set with a creek to explore, bed sheet tents, bed time stories, bubble baths, and morning outings to the bakery (a girl has to have her cookie). Someday when you and I have our own kids, I hope we do just as good of a job as mom and dad did with us two. Then there were those years where it was a hobby to see how many different flavored lip-glosses we could collect and we thought N*SYNC was the best band ever. Needless to say, I think everybody was glad when we finally found better hobbies and developed better taste in music. In high school we both woke up to the reality that you and I were, and still are, nothing alike, except for our love of Disney princess movies, dressing up, Christmas, and fighting over which babies are the cutest at church. I've loved getting to see God work in your life. I love how you have some er... strange fashion tastes. I love how you have this insane love for Shakespeare and everything that man ever did. I'd venture to guess you're his biggest fan. It's been nice to have someone to explain to me what the heck is going on when you drag take me to plays. And to bicker back in forth with in Old English, even though I still only have two defenses: "Get thee to a nunnery!" & "Edmund was a bastard." I love how you're the only person who will carry out a conversation with me only using movie lines. What would we have done had it not been for Monty Python or Jack Black? I love your passion and talent for acting... and that you're double majoring now, because I'm not convinced that a degree in theater alone is the most "stable." I love how you go through life with the ability to not care what anyone else thinks about you, but to just do your own thing and follow your dreams. I admire your talent at winning debates and arguments... with other people (not me). I still think you'd be a kick-butt lawyer. I love how you're way more confident, outgoing, spontaneous, and bold than I'll ever be. I like how we have this unspoken language by which we communicate when life and home get stressful and burdensome. You've done a fantastic job at playing Amy and Jo at the same time, while I've been Meg and Beth. It's been awesome getting to watch you shine and showing you off to others. I hope college is everything you hope it to be and more. I'll miss you and I'll be planning big outings and adventures when you come home for breaks. Don't forget Jesus, coffee, and that boys are bad! ;) Remember those three, and everything else should fall into "place." Love you lots! -You're annoying sis

P.S. I won't miss how you "steal" (barrow) my clothes, shoes, and jewelry. I feel like I'm finally getting my wardrobe to myself and I will fully embrace it.

P.P.S. Thanks for putting up with all those sappy Hallmark movies I made you watch. I know you can't stand them, but in all fairness, it  was pretty torturous for me to watch a lot of musicals. Mainly that one summer where it was Cats non-stop.

P.P.P.S. I'm so sorry for the times when mom dressed you in those Eskimo outfits. I tried to tell her you looked ridiculous, but she wouldn't listen to me.


  1. gah!!! grown up baby sister? That's a little hard to get used to. It will be great! Good thing you're sisters forever :)

  2. heheh this is so cute!! what an encouraging and funny letter for your sister

  3. Best of luck to your little sis', Natalie. =)

  4. Aw this is so sweet! I know exactly how you feel. I cried at both my sister and brother's graduations!


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