May 21, 2012

For the Doubters

I'm dead serious when I say I have a large stack of books on my nightstand. So for those of you who think I'm just exaggerating...

Hah! The proof is in the pudding! (Or picture... whatever...)

That's 16 books total folks! How many books are sitting on your nightstand? I'm willing to bet it's not 16.

I'd also like to say that because my alarm clock (which I don't really use as an alarm because it makes this horrible beeping noise that nearly gives me a heart attack) sits so high up, I have to strain my neck in order to check the time in the middle of the night. 

And no I cannot reach over and check the time on the phone instead of straining my neck because that would involve my arm having to leave the warmth of the covers, and that is not a sacrifice I'm willing to make my friends.

P.S. Sorry about the crappy picture. 


  1. fantastic! One of the many reasons why I love you! haha :)

  2. Yep! I'll say that is a lot of books. =)

  3. that. is. hilarious.
    man, oh man....hahah.
    i'm working on 4 books right now, i believe.... :)

  4. HAHAHA i love this!

    btw your guest post is up!

  5. Oh my word girl, how does that not tip over LOL ahahahahaha


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