May 23, 2012


Dear Person Who Controls the Thermostat in our Household, It is not necessary to turn our house into Antarctica this early in the summer. I had to build a cocoon to sleep in the other night with nearly all the blankets and pillows I own. And it's May, not December. 

Dear Bank Teller, Your pick-up lines and jokes used to really rub me the wrong way, but now I'm beginning to see that it may be because of the people you're stuck working with all day.

*Dear Young Man Punk, Have you ever heard of blinkers?! Here's an insane idea! Try using them when you're driving instead of cutting me off! And drive slower in the parking lot! There are kids running around, and at that speed you're likely to kill someone. And yes, I did give you the stink eye. And I'm not sorry for it either!

Dear Natalie (aka myself in case you didn't get that), You haven't gotten yourself Chinese take-out since February. What's wrong with you?! You're sick you know that, right? Fix this. And fix it soon.

Dear Mom, I don't think you understand why I cannot get out of bed and go to the kitchen in the middle of the night, so please see visual aid here. There could potentially be serious ramifications and damage to my psyche.

*I don't claim to be the best Christian when in the car. It's a family trait. Which would explain why we don't stick fish decals to our bumpers either. But let's all be honest here, teen boys are the worst drivers on planet earth. We all know it, so be not afraid to say it.


  1. hahahah..oh goodness, these made me laugh. no fish decals. ;)

  2. bahahah those little punks!!!!!!

  3. you are hilarious :D sometimes i have to yell at myself too!

  4. Hahaha, I love this. Especially the picture about the windows. It's super creepy but holds quite a bit of merit :)


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