April 13, 2012

Things You Will Probably Never Do if You're Around Me...

Wait on Me While I Shop. Anybody who's been to the mall with me ever, will tell you that I am an impatient shopper. If it's not a bookstore or Williams Sonoma, then I'm a get in, find it, and leave type of shopper. And half the time what I go in to get I end up talking myself out of buying, which I guess can be frustrating for those with me. Or so I've been told. Moral of the story: I'm far more likely to be the one who will be doing the waiting, so a stop at Starbucks or Orange Julius beforehand is a must if we're going to the mall.

Watch Twilight. The only use I have for Twilight involves making jokes of the sparkly vamps (and mindless Bella)... so we will not be watching those movies.

Late Night Phone Calls. If we're talking at 3 in the morning it better be because somebody is dying, or somebody is in the hospital, or somebody was in a wreck, or somebody was... um... attacked by clowns. (I have no clue where that came from. Let's admit it though, clowns are super scary, and if you're being attacked by them, it's serious.)

Texting. I don't text period. Haven't ever. It's not that I don't want to text. It's mainly because I strongly dislike my cell phone company and I don't want to pay for it at the rate they give me, and I'm in the middle of a phone contract with them, so in order to get out of it I'd have to pay a hefty fee, which I don't particularly want to do either, so it's just better that I wait it out and then dump them. Plus, I'd much rather talk on the phone. I don't know if you know this, but that's originally what phones were built for. And the cool thing about it is you actually get to hear the other person's voice!


  1. hahahha i HATE CLOWNS! they are SO SCARY!!!!!

  2. same type of shopper, right here.
    the lalala-let's-walk-around-and-waste-time-because-it's-so-awesome-here-at-the-mall types hate us. :P lol. at least, strongly dislike. heh.

    for the most part, yeah...i'd much prefer to hear the person's voice. especially if it's for more than a "i'm heading home from work" or "can you get this at the store for me" notification.

  3. I'm totally with you on Twilight!! I never read the books, and all I can do when I watch them is laugh!!! Bella is the WORST! And when they sparkle...baha, seriously?! What's even funnier is that my Husband, who's never read them either, loveslovesloves the movies. Such a nerd. Also, I'm with you on the late night calls. I want to turn my phone completely off at night, but I'm afraid of the real emergencies. So it's on low volume and across the room. I like my sleep!!! Happy weekend!

  4. I totally shop like that too! haha! Boo on Twilight as well. My hubby and I actually watched it on TV the other night, just because it was on and we wanted to see what the hype was about. Bahaha. It was so bad. The director must have been a complete idiot! Haha!

  5. I don't know why but you just CRACK ME up natalie i so dig you.

  6. I dislike texting. I don't know why I picked the plan with unlimited...but I did...


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