April 24, 2012

Study, Eat, Study, Eat, Sleep... Study... and Yep, More Studying

#1. Studying for finals, finishing two powerpoint presentations, trying to finish 5 books (if I'm lucky I'll finish two and skim the endings of the rest), and coaxing a certain professor to give me a couple of extra credit points to bump me up to the grade I want so I can get out of taking his final and have one less thing on my plate to worry about. And I pretty much have no motivation to do any of it.

#2. Keeping my energy up with skittles, popcorn, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, and root beer. I know what you're thinking, "Last week she's telling us all to get healthy, and here she is gorging herself on sugar! What's her excuse?!" Would the fact that finals are coming up here in a couple of weeks be a good excuse? No? Yes? I promise you I'll burn it off when I workout this week =) See! Doesn't that make you feel a bit better? And I'm sure the sunflower seeds have some nutritional value. It's debatable how much... but still. 

#3. Reading this book I was sent to review. Not gonna lie, but Goff is doing a fantastic job at distracting me from my required reading and showing me how I need to be whimsical for Jesus. I like it. I like it a lot. When was the last time we attributed God as being whimsical? =)


  1. Hmmm... this doesn't look life fun. LOL! Best of luck, Natalie!

  2. i love skittles.
    never eat 'em, but when i do, i like it a lot. ;)

    that book looks great!!!

  3. That book sounds pretty cool.
    You can do it! Just imagine how relaxed you'll feel in only a few weeks.

  4. I'm in the same boat! I have a magazine, books and unedited pictures calling my name!!!


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