April 4, 2012


As women, very few of us view ourselves as valuable, beautiful, or "good enough," and the majority of the time it's because we've placed our identity in the wrong things. When you and I let the world define us we end up isolating ourselves from God and preventing Him from pouring into us.

Don't Wrap Your Identity Around Your Beauty. In the beginning Eve was perfectly beautiful inside and out, but after the  fall, sin came in to twist and warp everything, including Eve's beauty, and yours, and mine. In Proverbs 31:30 we read that beauty is fleeting. In other words there's coming a day when the gray hair will start to slowly appear, wrinkles will begin to form, and gravity will take over (if you know what I mean). The only lasting, true beauty is the beauty of Christ. When we reflect Christ from the inside out to others, then that is what's genuinely beautiful. Seek out the beauty of Christ, and allow it to transform your heart.

Don't Wrap Your Identity Around Another Man. Eve's first relationship was with God, her Creator, not Adam. Granted, God did bring Adam and Eve together shorty after Eve came into existence, but Eve walked with God before she walked with God and Adam. As daughters of the Living God, our identity and definition cannot be found in men, for men, just like us, are living in a fallen world and are sinful. We're far better off finding our identity in an all-loving, all-powerful, all-knowing, perfect Father in heaven, than in an imperfect man here on earth. Plus, when we try and get our definition from men, we then turn them into functional saviors, which they were never supposed to be, nor can they bear the weight of that burden. It's simply unfair and unloving to ever ask that of a man. You and I only need one Savior, and His name is Jesus. No other man in the world can be that. Don't bypass God in order to get to your "Adam."

Don't Wrap Your Identity Around Your Career. Jobs come and go (which has certainly been the case with our country's economy these past couple of years). The workforce is an endless rat race and competition. And when you and I can't run it at the expected speed, or we have a tough boss, or not enough success we get burned out. And there's no such thing as the perfect work environment or perfect employees (or if there is, I still haven't found it). Don't build your life around your career or try to get your value from work. We have value irregardless of whatever job any of us have.

Don't Wrap Your Identity Around Your Dreams or Desires. Dreams and desires are not inherently wrong (see this post), but as Christians we have to allow God to renew our hearts and place in them His desires and dreams for us (Psalm 37:4).

Don't Wrap Your Identity Up in Your Good Works. This can be a big one for us church people, as we're prone to promote our good behavior and actions, when in reality nothing we do apart from Christ is of any good. Scripture tells us that even our good works before Him are like filthy rags. Relying on our good works flies in the face of the gospel and cheapens grace. We can only boast in Christ's work alone because we've all fallen short of God's standard. Christ's work at the cross is THE good work.

Our value and identity is this, and only this: Christ. When He's the foundation of our identity, then we know exactly who we are, to whom we belong to, who loves us above all else, and who ultimately provides, cares, and works for our good. God is wanting to shape each of His daughters hearts, minds, actions, thoughts, opinions, motives... everything.

It's a big deal where you and I get our identity from. And it comes from knowing Jesus. 


  1. BAM!!!!!
    Now that's what I called a powerful post

  2. Hi. I really enjoyed your post. It is something that Christian women don't hear/are taught enough (I would assume not being one). While not of the fairer sex, even I, speaking for men, find most of what you wrote applicable to our lives as well. While we may not get hung up on beauty, we certainly can get hung up on our 'masculinity' with our identity in a 'woman'. With career. Dreams and desires. Good works... because we are seeking what the world seeks, instead of what we've been redeemed to seek (humility, knowledge of God's revealed will,righteousness, the kingdom)...

    I am curious to know in what way woman walked with God before she walked with God and Adam though?

  3. Hey Eric! Glad you liked it and could relate to it as well in some ways =)

    In Genesis we don't see a passage the specifically says that God and Eve walked together before Adam was woken up. This is true. I guess I was really just trying to hit on my point that a before Eve had a relationship with Adam, she had one with God. Thus, a woman's first and most important relationship should be with God. Then at the right time God will usher her to her "Adam" so to speak. Sorry if that was confusing, as it wasn't meant to be taken quite so literally.

  4. Very well said girl. There are too many things to get caught up in if we lose focus!


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