March 2, 2012

What Women Fear Encouragement

I had read Angie Smith's book I Will Carry You when it came out a couple of years ago, and then this past fall I picked up a copy of her newest book, What Women Fear. The other night I was finishing it up (yes, it's taken me months to get to the end since other reading got in the way) and this one passage stood out and served as an encouragement...
Do not allow yourself to be consumed by your sin, or convinced that you have done something that could so separate you from the Lord that you cannot be restored by Him through Jesus. It is in these moments that we often resort to feeling as though we might as well go on and sin because we aren't ever going to be good anyway. This "all or nothing" mentality will get you nowhere, and the prison that you build around yourself will eventually destroy the hope for redemption and restoration you could have though Christ... Sometimes the hard part isn't setting it down and surrendering it, but rather resisting the urge to go back to it over and over again. I assure you that the Lord is not glorified when we relay sin in our minds, and I don't think any good can come of it once we have already repented and sought restoration... You don't have to be held captive, a prisoner of sin. The Lord has delighted in the grace that washes you white as snow. ~Angie Smith in What Women Fear
Highly recommend grabbing yourself a copy of the book, or at the very least checking out Angie's awesome blog Bring the Rain.


  1. sounds like some extraordinary wisdom :)

  2. I started reading her blog a while back, so I can imagine that her book is AMAZING!

  3. Oh my gosh, I can so relate to the woman who touched our Lord's cloak, and I'm totally the Woman at The Well as you've seen me write about...

    I will be getting this book, man oh man, looks so so so amazing.


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