March 22, 2012

Rainy Thursday

It's one of those gorgeous spring rainy days! Not the winter kind where everything looks bleak and... meh. Nope. This is one of those pretty rains where everything is starting to turn green and the flowers are popping out and it's mildly warm. It's one of those rains that you want to go dance and jump in puddles. And because I have nowhere to go, nothing particular demanding on the to-do list, and Hannah's on spring break, I think I may just have to pop in a musical or two today. =)

(For all you non-musical-watcher-people, go watch Singing in the Rain. Or in general, start watching musicals, 'cause the last time I referenced one only one or two people actually knew what I was referring to, which is such a shame.)


    it's craz, amazingly sunny & warm where i am, but it's canada so it will probably snow next week.. lol. in which case, i will take you up on this suggestion!

  2. Unless it rains for days at a time, I love gentle spring rains! We are supposed to be getting some right now but it is still well to the south of here - perhaps tomorrow. Such days make for the PERFECT weather to watch a good movie. =D

    Ooooh! Goodness, I've not seen Singin' in the Rain (or any Gene Kelly movie) for years - I really should pop it into the VHS player again. Don't even have a copy of it on DVD. ;-D

  3. I saw a production of Singing in the Rain at a local Christian college last year. It was fantastic! Happy spring to you! :)

  4. i love singing doris day's "singing in the rain" when it' lol :)
    it's gorgeous out, i know!!

  5. I love, love, love this movie! I'm on spring break and now I must watch this one...tomorrow is supposed to rain too. How perfect. :)


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