March 27, 2012


Dear Professor, I still strongly dislike your class, but thank you for the A on the big paper. 

Dear Migraine, You've lingered around here long enough. I'd say it's about time you got lost.

Dear Winter Coats, I think it's safe to say that I won't be needing you until November rolls around.

Dear Flip Flops, It's nice to have you out and on my feet again.

Dear God, Would you please prove to me that there's just one godly, good man out there for me. Just. One. Out of the entire world. I don't need twelve or five or even two. Just one.


  1. I LOVE flip flops! sadly none fit at this point in my life lol :) But once this baby boy gets here I am hitting up Old Navy for sure!! :)

    I am praying for that godly man for you girl! We will see what the Lord does!

    Prayers and hugs!

  2. *hugs*
    I'm sorry you're so down about men. I know there are for sure good, godly men out there (they just happen to be married). Maybe you'll be the woman to push men to be greater :)
    Oh, and you should come check out my school. I might be an RA, and you should live on my floor.
    :D <3

  3. haha I can just imagine that one godly, good man writing this same thing on his journal for you.

    Patience & time will tell!!! :D

  4. yay for A's and warm weather.... boooo for migraines and poopy boys!

  5. Awwww, he's out there! I just know it!

    I suffer from migraines too! :(

    Sorry bout that...


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