March 21, 2012

15 Reasons I Probably Won't Get Married

15 Reasons I Probably Won't Get Married... Maybe... We'll Just Have to Wait and See...
  1. I'm a blanket hog. And I don't apologize for it.
  2. I've been told my standards are too high, but... whatever.
  3. I tend to blow things a bit out of proportion (code for crazy).
  4. I have OCD tendencies about certain things and then with other things I could care less (code for crazy).
  5. I'd be incredibly stubborn in picking out our home decor and wall colors (code for my way or the highway buddy).
  6. I get myself worked up over things that usually end up never happening (code for crazy).
  7. I won't become a vegetarian and I sure don't cook vegetarian friendly meals... so I've just eliminated that whole group of guys.
  8. I'm not a fan of change that happens rather suddenly. I have to be eased into things or warmed up to ideas (ask anyone who's known me for more than a few years).
  9. I like sappy Hallmark movies... and the majority of the population doesn't.
  10. I order the same things in my favorite restaurants which according to someone who won't be named qualifies me as being unadventurous... so apparently I'm not too adventurous.
  11. I have to be either on-time or a bit early to appointments, meetings, church, etc. (one of those OCD tendencies).
  12. I can't ever imagine having a cat in my house. Like never ever.
  13. Because I can almost guarantee you that there would be moments such as this (code for crazy). No doubt about it.
  14. I over-think things sometimes which usually leads to me crying (code for crazy).
  15. Have I not made it evident that I'm crazy?


  1. I'm pretty sure one day your husband will look at the same list and show you that these are the reasons he loves you.
    Except the hogging the blanket thing, that's just mean ;)

  2. hahaha. maybe God has called you to be single LOL. I bet he will work on those things...especially the crazy parts!

  3. oh and I am not a cat person either!!

  4. Haha! My dad likes sappy hallmark movies, and he's not a vegetarian :) there's hope! (Only, not my dad, that'd just be super creepy weird...)


  5. Oh my gosh, you're so goofy!

    Girl let me tell you. 1/2 of these things, won't apply when you meet the right'll be willing to share that blanket, be willing to taste a new dish at a restaurant *gasp*, you'll be able to bend or see another view on the decorating because it'll be 'our decorating' and not 'yours' anymore, he'll love on you when you start crying or be willing to watch your Hallmark movies...and it will be fantastic.

    You'll look back at this list and laugh over it, thinking no man could ever love you enough to overlook a few things, because trust me honey, you'll need to overlook some of his little 'crazies'
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  6. so many of these things actually, and ironically, make you sound like a perfect candidate as a wife! love this list. i wanna make one!

  7. Those aren't think that will hold you back form a relationship - they are things that get you a real relationship. Real love isn't about trying new dishes at restaurants, or watching documentaries. You are fine just like this :)

  8. Oh natalie what a hoot, (even though I am sure you are serious, right?! LOL)
    you will find the perfect mate that will make you "better" and bring out the "best" in you just like the Bible says our relationships are suppose to do! You will meet a guy and this list will melt away....and even if it doesn't you'll marry someone that accepts it or challenges you!



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