February 9, 2012

Things I Want to do with My Future Spouse...

Pray together
Go on picnics
Wine tastings
Weekend adventures
Laugh a whole lot
Boston in the fall
Bedtimes stories+our kids
Dance in our kitchen
Host Bible studies in our home
Take mission trips together
Build forts on the rainy days
Chinese take-out+movie night
Cut down a fresh Christmas tree
Just grow old (and crazy) together
Continue and create new family traditions
Build bookcases and read books together
Go on lots of coffee and bookstore dates
Random road trips, just the two of us
Sponsor a child overseas together
Buy our first house and make it a home
Eat ice cream straight from the container
Color on tables in those awesome restaurants
Lets sneak off to the playground late at night
Host dinner parties for our friends and neighbors
Leave random notes scattered throughout the house for each other
Epic board game nights with my family during the holidays
Snow Days+Hot Chocolate+Wool Socks
Drink lots and lots of coffee together. (Have I mentioned that yet?)
Watch our kids catch lightening bugs on summer nights
Go to theology related conferences together
Pass on a passionate love for Christ to our children
Support, encourage, and cheer you on in your life pursuits!
Spend a week or two gallivanting around England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland
Bake amazing brownies and chocolate chip cookies together
Eat guacamole together while watching whatever sport you want. 
Spend Christmases with you. They're going to be so freaking awesome! Just you wait and see!


  1. This sounds quite similar to what I want to do with my future husband. :) This is such a lovely list!

  2. and... MAKE BABIES!
    I want at least 10... ok, maybe not ten but 3 or 4.

  3. Loooooove this list! I have all the confidence you'll be doing each and every one of these on here in good time. :)

    I love that you added with kids on the 'bedtime stories' one...why not just read the stories without kids?? haha
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  4. Eeee! Let me know when you're both in Wales...perhaps I can recommend some beautiful castles for you? Romantic. Xx

  5. Ashley- I thought that was just a given! (LOL)

    Emily- Making note of that!

    Laura- Absolutely!!! It would be awesome to meet someday! =D

  6. Just thought it was neat how you arranged that list in a pyramidal shape like that; very eye catching :) Is a nice list too! Mind if I copy and paste most of that? ;)

  7. I love Ashley's comment LOL and of course all of these are great things to do with the hubby :)

  8. I love that these are all things one does with a best friend. Can't wait to meet my future best friend!

  9. Jesse- Since my posts are copyrighted, with this particular post you're more than welcome to share it on your blog, just be sure to either have a link to this post or my blog as your source =)

  10. this...didn't help my night....bittersweet as it already was...but i love it anyways. stuff to look forward to, all in all. :)

  11. um YES to everything in this post :)

  12. oh this is wonderful. i have started keeping a journal for my husband and i always make lists of all the things i want to do and places i want to go with him. such an exciting, wonderful thing to look forward to :)


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