February 13, 2012

Once Upon a Time: Courtney & Brian

This week the marrieds are taking over my blog while I guest post at other blogs and pop my head in for Valentines day tomorrow. First up is Courtney from dress up and twirl. She's no stranger around here as she always writes awesome guest posts (such as this one and this one) and has become a good friend and mentor. I love her passion for Christ, baking, crafts, glitter, and Anthropology! Be sure to pay her a visit at her sweet blog as well!

I am writing this because as girls we dream about our future husbands. you are picturing yours right now...what his eyes will look like, the way he’ll look at you, the inside jokes the two of you will have, the way he’ll smell, the little things he will do to show his love for you everyday, the kind of daddy he’ll be... you could just dream all day, couldn’t you?

I did this from the time I was a little girl. I have always longed to be a wife and a mother. I have other dreams too...but I believe that my calling as wife and mother will always be my highest calling. And right now, I get to live out that calling as Brian’s wife, everyday.

Natalie asked me to share Brian and I’s story. At first I wondered, where do I begin? I asked the Lord to give me whatever He really wanted single girls to know...and I feel that He wants you to know that He loves you more than your future husband ever will and you must trust in Him, His unfailing love, and His timing to provide you with anyone worthy enough to carry out the calling of being your husband.

I’ll start back when I first met Brian. I could be immature in high school, but I still had pretty solid convictions and knew that I wanted to marry an incredibly godly man someday. Well those are hard to come by, especially for a girl in high school, so when I met Brian, I was amazed at how much he loved Jesus. He was so full of joy, always smiling, and very kingdom minded. Let’s just say I had a pretty intense crush. However, he was four years older than me and I was very shy, so I never thought anything would come of it. This didn’t stop me from telling God that I wanted to marry him when I was seventeen!

I was also in a serious relationship throughout high school and in my first year in college. Something in my spirit knew it wasn’t right for me, though. I wish I could say that I humbly surrendered it to the Lord when He first asked me to, but honestly, I was very stubborn and possessive of it. Although I eventually surrendered this relationship, God had to do a lot of prying on my fingers from it! This was an extremely painful time in my life, but I praise Jesus everyday that I suffered this because of the testimony of His love and faithfulness that came out of it, as well as the incredible man I now get to call my husband. How different my life would be if I kept insisting on my own way...after knowing Brian as my husband, I shudder at thinking that I could have missed out on being his wife.

After ending this relationship, I was determined that the next man I seriously dated would be the man I married. I was committed to waiting as long as God would have me...ladies, marriage is a very serious thing. It is for life! It is everyday, 100% commitment, for the rest of your life! Why would you not want to wait on God’s best for you? I fasted and prayed, healed (a lot), I enjoyed being single, and finally understood what it was like to be fulfilled by Jesus alone--not by a man.

Several months later, Brian and I were invited to a mutual friend’s house, who happened to be my mentor throughout high school, for a game night. When I found out that he was going to be there, I was so nervous! The feelings for him were definitely still there. What I didn’t know was that Brian had the same feelings for me. We both told my mentor and gradually started talking more over the next few months (side note: for three weeks before this run-in with Brian at our friend’s house, I fasted and prayed specifically for my future husband...God moves when we fast...just sayin). Finally, a few months later, Brian asked me if I was spiritually ready to be in a relationship and how would I feel about being in a relationship with him. It was a little over a year later from the time we sat on my front porch and prayed together about a relationship that we were married.

Everyday I still cannot believe that I got to marry the man who I looked at with awe as a teenager...yes, that man belongs to me and I to him! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always easy... it’s definitely work to be 100% committed to someone no matter what. And yes, he hurts my feelings sometimes and I know I have hurt his. However, he loves me so much and is growing in his love for me everyday. I am also growing in my love for him. I can honestly say that I absolutely love being married, because it is to a man who seeks Jesus and because I waited on the Lord for him.

Brian is one of the ways that God has given me the very specific desires of my heart. He wants to give you the desires of your heart, too. But first, He has to have your heart. All of it. Give your heart to the Lord and trust Him with it and watch what He’ll do.

Psst! You can read the engagement story here

**All writing content and personal photos are copyrighted 2012 to Courtney at dress up and twirl**


  1. Loved it Courtney! Thanks so much for sharing! =D

  2. i love this post. seriously love it. it is EXACTLY what i needed to hear today. thank you.

  3. What a sweet story. It really goes to show, waiting on the Lord is the most important thing. Full surrender is necessary, I think, to see what God truly has for you.

    Beautiful story and couple. Wishing them the best! Emily at Amazing Grapes

  4. Amen sister. Love hearing details of your love story and how God worked it all out. :) Great series Natalie!

  5. This story soo blessed my life and brought great tears to my eyes cuz it sounds like the story of my life except that I am at the life-after-break-up stage. This story healed me and let's me know that the end of my love story would be wonderful. It strengthens me to pray. Thanks for sharing. I connect to your miracle. I too shall testify


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