February 17, 2012

Once Upon a Time: Anna & Aaron

Today's post comes is from Anna who blogs over at Operation Micah 6:18 and Young & Married. Anna has such a heart and passion for the Lord that I always find inspiring and encouraging. She and her husband, Aaron, are now expecting their first baby, a little girl, as well! She's a total sweetheart so be sure to stop by her blogs and give her some love =D

Hi! Many thanks to Natalie for asking me to share my love story on her blog. Natalie’s blog is always a refreshing read, she unashamedly shares the truth of God’s word. I always feel like I’m drinking coffee with a good friend when I visit her little corner of the internet!  
Before I jump in on when and how I met Aaron, I want to give you a little some back story. When I was 17 or so, I started making some very bad decisions and deceiving my parents. I was seeking to find satisfaction in the attention of guys, when that could never satisfy or deliver all that my heart was yearning for. The guys I was seeking out weren’t Godly at all either. I went on a mission trip to Mississippi with some other kids from my church the summer after I turned 18. On that trip, God began opening my eyes to who I was. It was as if He opened up my peripheral vision and I realized this was not the person I had envisioned myself being at 18, and I certainly did not want to continue down this path to see what I would be when I was 20! I was trying to keep one little corner of my heart for me and my decisions: guys. I did not trust God with the pen to my love story. I was afraid he would stick me with some nerd! But I realized that God loves me and wants the very best for me. He of course knows what my very best is and knows exactly who I need. When we were taking the two-day long drive back to my hometown, we listened to a sermon by John Piper about the woman at the well from John 4. I cried through the whole sermon. It was as if God was speaking to directly to me. I was the woman at the well who was seeking satisfaction in someone other than God, the only One who could ultimately satisfy me! I remember praying afterwards and just completely letting go of everything I had been trying to hold on myself, physically lifting my open hands to God. I felt so free!  

That was in June of 2009, and a few short weeks later I remember telling my mom that I had no idea where Mr. Right was going to come from. I lived in a pretty small town and I could not tell you a guy that I knew that met my now really high standard. My mom told me that even though it looked absolutely impossible from where I stood, God knew exactly where the right guy was. I just needed to trust Him and His plan. I was still rather hopeless that there was a guy out there that cared about God and His ways. In late July, I attended the two week worldview camp in Colorado Springs called The Summit (http://www.summit.org/). They’re committed to equipping college age kids to stand strong in their faith and proclaim truth. While I was there, I met so many great Godly guys that were committed to their faith, who wanted to live for God and were as committed to purity as I was. I was so very encouraged! 

But God wasn’t quite done with me yet.  Right after Summit, my family went on vacation in the Rocky Mountains and climbed a 14,000 foot mountain called Mount Quandary. I had just had a spiritual “mountaintop” experience at Summit, and after the long arduous hike up the mountain, I had a physical mountaintop experience. It was as if God was saying, “See? I’m so much bigger and wiser and grander and sovereign than you ever thought. Can’t you trust me with everything?” I needed to let go of the last thing I had been grasping for many years. I had a “crush” on a young man for several years (he was very Godly I might add) but I was still trying to write my own plan. This guy was who I wanted and I didn’t want to let go! But God was taking the pen to my life story from my hands. My love story was now completely and utterly up to God.
August 31: I met Aaron. No, I didn’t know right then that he was Mr. Right, I didn’t even “like” him right away! But looking back now, I can see that God’s timing was perfect. And you know where I met Aaron? Online. In a chat room. I’m not kidding. 

Okay let me back up. I was pursuing my college degree through a program called CollegePlus! (http://www.collegeplus.org/). I could get my degree in a minimum of two years for a much smaller price tag this way. CollegePlus! had a private online forum with a chat room for students to connect since everything was online. Aaron and I met in August and I simply thought of him as a great guy, a good friend whom I really respected. He was strong in his beliefs and as time went on, very similar to mine, all the way down to tiny convictions that I thought only I held to. Unknown to me, Aaron was observing me and was quite interested. In October of that year, we both attended a student gathering for CollegePlus! in Oklahoma. Aaron was a lot quieter in person than he was online but I left thinking he was a pretty great guy. He had also followed me around like a puppy dog on a leash the whole time, so I also knew that he was pretty interested in me! We continued to interact online until January of 2010 when Aaron called my dad and asked if we could continue to get to know each other but on a deeper level. Looking back, we call it “friendship with a purpose”. In May, Aaron flew out to meet my family because I had said we could not move any further in our relationship until I had seen him again in person and he had met my dad. After that trip, we were both convinced we wanted to move our relationship to the next step. In June, Aaron asked my dad and I if he could court me.  Later that month, my family drove out to meet Aaron and his family in Ohio, and Aaron visited nearly every month after that. In October, I went on vacation with Aaron’s family to Hilton Head, South Carolina. Aaron had been completing an internship all summer and now was trying to get a job in the IT field. While we were there, Aaron found out he got a job he had interviewed for a month or so before. Aaron had an elaborate plan to propose for all the way out in December (of course, unknown to me), but when he found out he had gotten the job, he just couldn’t wait. The last day we were in Hilton Head, Aaron took me for a walk on the beach and got down on one knee to ask me to be his wife. He made me the happiest woman in the world! I was completely caught off guard too. We were engaged for five months and got married in March of 2011. I’m so glad God took the pen for my love story and wrote it the best way possible. God always knows best and He always knows what is perfect for us. He is worthy of our trust and enough to satisfy any longing.
**All Written Content and Personal Photos are Copyrighted 2012 to Anna from Operation Micah 6:18**


  1. Thanks so much for guest posting today Anna! (Even if I was a bit late in posting it!) I love your story and pictures. You two are too cute! ;)

  2. what a sweet story! very cool to see amazing results when God takes control :)

  3. I love you Anna! Your story was amazing and I hope to follow in your foot steps. Love and miss you! :) *an Anna type giggle* :) :)


  4. Awww... what a sweet "series," Natalie. =)


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