February 16, 2012

Once Upon a Time: Allison & Drew

Today's post is from my friend Allison over at Nestful of Love, where she blogs about her husband, teaching, DIY projects, and lots of recipes! (We share a deep love for PW. Kindred spirit? Absolutely!) Be sure to visit her blog and shower her with comments!

Hi there, I'm Allison! I blog over at Nestful of love and am excited to be taking over Natalie's blog today and sharing with you my 2 cents on waiting for Mr. Right.
Ladies he IS worth waiting for! If you have already found Mr. Right hopefully you can still manage to get something out of this even if it is just hearing another love story. They don't get old right?
I met my Mr. Right in high school at the age of 17. That seems so young now, but when I met Drew I knew he was worth passing up all those so-so dates for. I could tell right away that he was different than any other guy I had ever met. The story of us is one I love to tell because it is 100% God and His funny perfect sense of timing. Like I said we were in high school and one day after school I watched an extremely attractive Senior pass me by heading out to the parking lot. I watched him dreamily walk out to his car and then all of the sudden he dropped something and drove away. I wandered out to see what he had dropped thinking it was something boring and unimportant, but no...it was his watch! A week or so later I saw him in the hallway and told him I had his watch...I conveniently left it at home so we had to meet up another day for the exchange. After I returned Drew's watch we started running into each other EVERYWHERE. After a few weeks of this he finally asked me out and it has been us ever since, but there was a big obstacle to overcome...

Growing up in a Christian home dating a guy with similar beliefs was extremely important. Drew had everything I wanted...strong morals, a loving family, a serving heart, but he wasn't a Christian when we met. I was so utterly shocked when he told me this that my mouth probably dropped to the floor. "Love always hopes..." (1 Corinthians13:7). Drew's best friend was a Christian and had been bringing Drew along to youth group events for years...I was just the catalyst God used to get Drew's attention and say "Hey buddy, start coming to church and talking with me okay?!" I know that God brought us together for a reason...to make each of us better by learning to put HIM first and US second. I grew more in my spiritual walk my first years dating Drew than I ever had before. We even took a mission trip together to Africa a few years before we got married. So if you skimmed through all that here is the point of my 2 cents: Find someone you can grow with and not someone who is stuck in their ways. You want someone who you can not only grow old with, but grow spiritually with. Trust in God's timing... you never know when He is going to throw Mr. Right in your path. If you settle for Mr. Right Now, Mr. Right might walk right past you and that would be a tragedy. Being with the one you know God hand picked for you is true happiness. "Love is patient..." (1 Corinthians 13:4). Being patient is hard. I know, I know, what does she know about patience? She met Mr. Right when she was 17 years young. Well, I did have to be patient with God while He shaped Drew into the man He wanted him to be. God and I shared lots of talks and tears about if Drew was "the one." "Love is not proud..." (1 Corinthians 13:4). I would never call myself perfect just because I am a Christian. I definitely had (and continue to have) my own shaping up to do. I had to be patient when we went to separate colleges and Drew moved to Indiana for a job. I had to be patient while we dated 7 years before getting married... so I do know a little about patience. Hang in there girls... Trust in God because he really does have an amazing path carved out for you. One that involves your knight in shining armor at the end of it! "Love always perseveres..." (1 Corinthians 13:7).
And they lived happily ever after... "Love never fails" (1 Corinthians 13:13). Thanks for having me Natalie!

**All written content and personal photos are copyrighted to Allison at Nestful of Love**


  1. Thanks so much for sharing Allison! Loved getting to hear your story! So. Sweet. =D

  2. What a cute love story! Great blog post! Please support my blog! http://www.fashionatabargain.blogspot.com/

  3. LOVE this series! What a neat idea :) Blessings Natalie! :)

  4. Love this post :) Love this blog. You two make an adorable couple!

  5. yay for God's perfect timing and faithfulness :)


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