February 24, 2012

The Annual Q&A

Funny how that title makes me feel a bit more "professional" than I am. But, yes, in keeping with tradition with the past two years it is time for my designated Q&A. 

So here's how it works: You ask questions, then in a week I'll sit down and answer them all either via a vlog or a post... or maybe both... depending on how many questions and the topics that come up. You're free to ask me anything (although, if someone sends me a question that I feel is inappropriate I will not reply). It could be totally random and off the wall, or faith related, or maybe there's been something on your mind and you just want me to ramble about it... or what have I been baking... or my favorite coffee (although that one's been asked quite a bit I think)... yeah. You can submit your question(s) as you would normally comment on any post, or in the Formspring box below. Note: Unless you attach your name at the end of the question in the Formspring box it will come to me anonymously, which is fine, but if you want me to know who you are, put your name on it.


  1. Have fun with this, Natalie - I've seen a couple people do vlogs and although it looks fun, I'd not be likely to do one. ;D


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