January 17, 2012

Warning: Be Prepared for a Very Un-Optimistic Post


**insert long exasperated sigh**

This week classes began again. This semester all of those classes except one are online for me. It's like I'm homeschooled... even though I never have been. This semester I transferred back to community college due to lack of finances and both parents loosing their jobs. I'm not one of those people who's community college experience has been any good. So I figured I might as well take online classes mostly in order to reduce the amount of time I have to spend in that depressing atmosphere. Plus, I can stay in my PJ's longer and drink coffee while I'm working.

Bad news... I got a nice letter in the mail from the financial aid people saying I'd have to start paying on my loan in six months. WHAT?! I'm still in college! That's not what the contract said! So here I am trying to clean up that mess, because people in financial aid can never seem to get their job right the first time. And dealing with financial aid ranks very high on my stress list. Like super high. I totally freaked out when I got that letter. Still am.

Syllabuses. Pleh! :P Can I just say, I think it ridiculous to have three textbooks relating to one class all of which were in the $70 range. Sorry. But I had to get that off my chest. That, and the fact that I hate it when you sign up for a class specifically for that professor, and then it gets switched around to one that you absolutely cannot stand. Yeah

The first week of every semester is always my worst and least favorite. (There are no favorite weeks now that I think about it.)

How many days till summer break???


  1. Oh have I been there! In fact, I was there last week (my first week of classes). I too am doing all my school online and like it, but it is really hard to spend a lot of time at the computer. Totally get it. And yes... isn't financial aid fun? :) Just keep remembering that Christ is always always in control and that he holds every moment of every day in his hands. Praying for you and hoping your day goes better than they have been! Blessings abound, but sometimes we just have to look for them. :)


  2. oh my gosh i am so sorry... ill just say it, COMMUNITY COLLEGE SUCKS!! and yeah, financial aid and textbooks are ridiculous. sometimes i think colleges are out to ruin us...theyre certainly out to take all our money! and wow, this post is really bringing out lots of anger in myself...ooops!!

  3. Oh gosh, I am SO sorry! It is the biggest pain trying to sort everything out the beginning of each semester.
    We're moving so I had to get everything sorted out to have my hubs transfer school and it's been the biggest joke. Dealing with incompetent people, paying more money than we planned, teachers being confused about Eric in their class, etc. I can't wait until we never have to deal with this again!

  4. Awe, girl that stinks.
    Keep focusing on the pjs and coffee to help you through it.

    I'd be pretty ticked too if I signed up for a class and they changed professors on me. :(

    Summer is near.. keep your head up. :)
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  5. I completely understand everything in this post. Why does the world hate us college students, ne? -_-

    I myself want to go away to university and get more of an actual college experience than the community-college one I feel I'm getting now, but I'm pretty terrified of student loans...



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