December 20, 2011

Some Christmas Rambling

There's less than a week till Christmas. Are you excited yet? 'Cause you should be ;) If you haven't started blasting Christmas music yet, get to it!  We've been busy crafting baking, and putting up last minute decor.
Made these little owl ornaments to go along with peoples presents
And these are all gone already.
And since today is one of those cold rainy ones (no snow = bummer), I've locked myself in my room wrapping presents and watching old black and white Christmas movies. Despite it's cheesy trailer, I highly suggest this one... It's a classic...


  1. sounds like you've been busy with fun! KEEP ENJOYING THE HOLIDAYS :)

  2. thankfully, we only have rain...but snow forecast sometime this week. that's wi. for ya. :) :P

    i looooove b&w movies. sheesh :)

  3. I love your owl ornaments! Black and white Christmas movies are the best, especially if they're a little cheesy!

  4. Can I come to your house during the holidays?? :) These pictures are SO fun!
    I seriously can't believe Christmas is only a few days! It has flown by...

  5. Ohmygoodness Natalie... I am obsessed with owls right now! Where did you get the pattern to make them? Way too cute!

    Hope you have a very blessed Christmas!

    - Chloe

  6. I love "blasting" Christmas music. *grin* My cookie baking was "done" last week but I had to separate it into two different "sessions" this year... so I am not very happy about baking again tomorrow. On the other hand, I love all the twinkle lights scattered about the house and the fact that I have an awesome excuse to watch sappy Christmas movies - despite not being a huge fan of the "oldies," I love Christmas in Connecticut ; super sweet. =)

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Oh I love these pictures. I particularly love the owl ornaments! It's adorable!
    Oh, and I agree about Christmas in Connecticut. Such an adorable movie :)

  8. Eeek this post makes me happy! This season is such a sweet, sweet time!


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