December 21, 2011

Christmas Past

Here's a little Christmas past for you... yes, it's mini me...

Now this... this is one of dad and mom's first Christmases together... the one where she chose to knit him a sweater. I know. What on earth possessed her mind??? I mean it's pretty ugly even for late 80's standard. Just goes to show that you do some stupid things when you're in love. At least I'm getting a good laugh out of it twenty years later. 

I will not be knitting anyone, let alone my future spouse, anything, which I actually think is a blessing for him. Baked goods. That's the route I'm taking.


  1. HAHAHAH this post is so great! youre adorable...the sweater...not so much ;)

  2. eh, yeah....i crocheted my dad a sweater one time for christmas when i was turned out pretty good, but heavy and kind of long...not ugly though! ;) i was a crafty 12 year old. haha.

    i will probably not be making anything more epic than a scarf for my man, if i ever do someday. lol. baking and cooking is gift enough! ;)

  3. Aw you are so cute. And that Can I borrow it for next years tacky sweater party? Haha.

  4. Awww you're so cute! :)
    I guess this will make me the odd one out (take that back, I KNOW it will), but I actually almost like the sweater. lol!

  5. How darn adorable!!! Look at YOU!


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