November 1, 2011

November Ramblings

Well, it's November. There are only two months left till the end of the year, and roughly 8 weeks till Christmas. (I'm secretly squealing at the thought of Christmas trees and twinkling lights.) By the time Thanksgiving comes 'round, I'm sure going to need a break. I counted, and by November 23 I'll have written 50 pages worth of... stuff. The one paper I am dreading is a 20 pager. A book analysis. And I haven't read it yet. I'll be honest, I started it, but the book is dryer than toast. My strategy... skim it. One thing about college I do know... sometimes you gotta pick what you're going to actually read, and what you're... not. What professor in their right mind wants to sit around grading 20 pages per student during the holiday season? I for one wouldn't. So unfortunately for the next three weeks I'll pretty much be cooped up, glued to my keyboard :P Feel free to send coffee and chocolate. One good thing... My online classes get out a week earlier than those on campus =) I sorta went OCD on my calendar this month...
Yeah... I may need help. That's only 3/4ths of what I need to get done. And I'm sure stuff will be added as well. Hmm... Anybody else have an ugly looking schedule this month?

November always feels like a planning month. Planning for the holidays, arranging family get-togethers, dinners, decorating and more decorating, baking... but I love it all. And I love how it's starting to get colder... for now anyways. Come February, I'll be tired of it, but winter weather during the holiday season... love it! I cannot imagine spending the season in a tropical climate... or even places like Texas and Florida. (No offense to those of you in Texas or Florida.) But I digress... back to cooler weather..

Mom's been busy prepping for the colder weather. All the wool blankets and winter blankets came out yesterday. Don't you just love sleeping under down comforters? And fuzzy socks... definitely! I'm sure later this week she'll come home from the store with bags full of cocoa, tea, coffee, latte/espresso stuff, marshmallows... pretty much anything that falls under the "hot drink" category. 

Yep. That'll be my November. Endless papers, planning/prepping... and raking, which I hate. If you saw our yard you'd know why. What about you?


  1. November is such a crazy month...and it's even more crazy this year as we prepare for the arrival of our baby girl! Since I don't know what December will look like with her arrival, I'm trying to get all of November & December done in the next 30 days! Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!

  2. I tend to just schedule one week at a time, it helps keep me from getting overwhelmed. November doesn't look different from October for me yet, it's still in the 80's and sunny, and we still haven't finalized our holiday plans. When that happens, it will start getting crazy :)

  3. Oh gosh, a 20 page book analysis??? Sounds horrible. I have to write like a 2 page paper and I think that's bad...ha.

    You should jump in the pile of leaves after you rake!

  4. i ♥ november. i love the cool weather hear in arizona.

  5. im with you... lots of planning and school assignments! but the holidays make everything better. your calendar is so organized!

  6. I love November. This month, this year is proving more busy than ever, but ultimately, I love this month. There's nothing like having everything in place for Christmas to come right around the corner. Despite the growing cold, this is my favorite time of year.

    Emily w/Amazing Grapes


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