November 15, 2011

Lucy Eleanor Moderatz Pre-Engagement to a Vegetable.

He would get these far-off looks in his eyes and he would say "Life doesn't always turn out the way you plan." I just wish I'd realized at the time, he was talking about MY life. -Lucy in While You Were Sleeping
Sometimes I feel like Lucy Eleanor Moderatz. Minus the fact that I'm not engaged to a man in a coma, nor do I live in Chicago. And in case you were wondering it would take a lot of convincing to get me to move to Chicago. I can only think of two good reasons why I'd ever even consider it. (No offense to those of you who live in Chicago BTW.) If you've never seen the movie While You Were Sleeping, do so. You're really missing out. The basic gist is Lucy works for Chicago's CTA. Her life could be described as boring, lonely, mundane. But, day after day she pines after this "attractive" lawyer. I use quotation marks there because I don't see why he's so attractive. One day this "attractive" lawyer (Peter) gets pushed onto the L tracks, Lucy saves his life, he ends up in a coma in the hospitable, there's a misunderstanding with Peter's family and a nurse, and surprise... Lucy finds herself engaged to the guy. And you'd think that would make her really happy... until she meets his brother, who's exactly her type. She then spends the rest of the movie falling in love with Jack and trying to untangle the messy engagement to Peter.

Maybe I should rephrase: Sometimes I feel like Lucy Eleanor Moderatz pre-engagement to a vegetable. 

That opening quote... I can relate to that a little too well. Nothing in my life has ever gone to how I've had it laid out in my timeline or mental planner. So now here I am. In this spot of rather lackadaisical, numbing existence. Even amongst friends I feel rather distant. And when the occasional moment of happiness presents itself, some intangible thing inside me prevents me from entering into that moment and truly enjoying it to the fullest extent.

How's that for a chipper post this morning?

But maybe I'll get lucky and I'll get myself a (brunette) "Jack." And a stamp in my passport. If I could make a request though, I'd choose the UK. Who am I kidding... Italy would be awesome too!

FYI... Men in flannel... now that's attractive ;)


  1. "I'm sick - you're cheating on a vegetable!"

    I love this movie. A lot. And I think Peter is quite hideous. Sandra Bullock is so funny though.

    "Merry Christmas. I like your coat. You're beautiful. I LOVE YOU!"

  2. Ah. I love your honesty! AND this movie. I watch it every November and Deember (plus, let's be honest, every other month in the year).

    When the occassional non-engaged blues come over me, I like to imagine that I AM engaged. Or, more accurately, engaged to be engaged. I mean, we are, aren't we? Engaged to be engaged? Most likely, we're gonna get married. So we WILL be engaged one day. So we're engaged to be engaged...just with one looooong engagement going on!

    Doesn't that cheer you up a little? might just be me :)

  3. Love this movie!
    And I just want to give you 'mad props' for using "lackadaisical" in your post. Your English teacher would be proud.

  4. in cute flannel... :)

    never seen "While You're Sleeping" before...i shall have to remedy that, won't I???

  5. Jumping on what Offset said- Lackadaisical- Impressive.

    I'd love for you to check out my blog and follow along, let me know and Ill be sure to follow you back!

    Cant wait,


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