November 4, 2011

Being Still in The Storm

It hardly seems fair to go from a desert season to the storm. Maybe it's to serve as a testing to ground of sorts. To see if what was learned in the desert season really rings true in times of pouring rains, lightening, thunder. Back in July I wrote on my wilderness season. Near the end I wrote this: "...know that the rain will eventually pour down." In my mind I was thinking about that sweet gentle spring rain that brings the earth back to life, not a full out storm that endlessly pours, with thunder and lightening as its companions. But that's what I got. It's where I am now. God showed me Hesed in the desert, now He wants to show it to me in this storm. There's a purpose and a plan to it, although I admit, I don't really know quite what it all is right now. I have some puzzle pieces... things the Lord keeps bringing up.

In the gospels we're told of the time where Jesus and His disciples where on a boat. At some point during this journey, Jesus goes to rest, to sleep. While He's sleeping a storm comes over them, the waves rise up, tossing the boat around. Understandably, the disciples begin to freak out. Fear enters into their hearts, and they're struggling to hold on. But during all of this, Jesus, God in the flesh, is taking a nap. What the...? Don't you find that a little odd? "Um... Hey Jesus, uh... I don't know if you've noticed but we could very likely die here, and you're off getting some shut eye." Those of you who know the story know that Jesus then calms the storm and tells his disciples their faith in God is still little. But I keep focusing in on what Jesus was doing while the storm raged on. He's sleeping. He's resting. He's being still. My first reaction during storms is not to be still and slumber away. It's exactly that of the disciples: Freak Out. Try and control the situation. Pull myself together, this is not the time to be sleeping. Put on that 21st woman attitude that tells me I'm strong and I can do anything. But I've tried all that. None of works. If anything my freaking out and trying to control the situation leaves me even more weary than before. I can't pull myself together, I don't feel strong, and I really resent living in a world with a feminist attitude. Sleep... stillness... this may be the remedy I need. Ironically, somebody in a previous post cited a verse that I had been dwelling on a few weeks prior and I think it fits into this perfectly: "The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still" (Exodus 14:14). I'm starting to do that more. Being still. Sleeping. From my vantage point I don't see this storm letting up any time soon... at least not the one outside of me, but why am I preventing the Lord to calm the one that's going on in my heart? What am I doing that's preventing me from being still? Daily I have to choose to be still, to "sleep." God will calm the storm outside at the right time.

It's sorta weird but I feel like I'm supposed to be lost at sea for a while... if that makes any sense. 


  1. "Sometimes God calms the storm, and sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child."

    I read that once and it blessed me - I hope it blesses you, too :)

  2. that is the perfect verse. isn't it amazing that God can give us the grace to be still, to even "sleep" when everything (and everyONE) is going crazy around us?

  3. Very well said. Why is so hard for us all to just be still and wait on the Lord?

  4. i love that...
    "The Lord will fight for you; you need only be still."


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