October 8, 2011

Weekend Link Love + A Little Rambling

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Some Quote Lovin'
If you judge people you have no time to love them. -Mother Teresa
In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you. -Oscar Wilde
Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot... -Breakfast At Tiffany's 
One heart in two bodies is the realization of true brotherhood. -Charles Spurgeon
And on another note, my awesome church is hosting/sponsoring an awesome conference next fall called Real Marriage. If you're married, engaged, or, and I quote, "single and want to know how to become the right kind of mate" you need to sign up, and make plans for a little weekend trip next fall. Other reasons you should come: There will be coffee. And it's Mark Driscoll people. Do you really need a better excuse than that anyway? You can get more info and tickets here. And you can pre-order the book here that comes out in January.


  1. loving the articles! i love this quote from "female beauty matters:" Men were created to reflect the strength, love and self-sacrifice of Christ. Women were created to reflect the grace and beauty of the Bride He redeemed.

    i also love the modesty articles... i feel like he put some of my thoughts into the exact words i couldnt find to say. modesty is to the glory of God, not self. modesty is NOT legalism.

    im also loving the inspired life series you are doing! they are a nice read during some recent stressful days!

  2. That photo shoot was sooo adorable. What a cute couple, and beautiful locations!!

    The three amigos is hilarious! I love that you're watching (or have watched) that movie!!

    Emily w/Amazing Grapes

  3. Ummm, i am OBSESSED with their engagement shoot! I dont even have any idea who they are but they are just precious and their babies have no other option but to be gorgeous with great smiles! My best friend is a photographer and I told her that if/when i ever get engaged, I want my picts to look like theirs!! So precious!!

  4. Sounds like an amazing retreat for couples, Mark Driskoll even! Where do you go to church hon?

    Haha, I was actually thinking about Steve Martin today, b/c he has a new movie coming out and I wondered if I was the only one left on earth that thought he was hilarious! Good to know I'm not the only one!

    Cute post, I really enjoyed it!

  5. definitely going to go check out those articles right now..... looks fascinating!


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