October 10, 2011

Anna's Inspired Life

Anna from Operation Micah 6:8 is our guest blogger today! Anna is a beautiful newlywed and a godly woman, who's faith is always an encouragement! Be sure you check out her blog =D

What Inspires Me...

My Bible: That book is never old. Each time I open it, I’m awed all over again at just who God is and what Christ did on the cross. I see my own sinfulness every time, and find the hope I need when I can’t go on. Right after I wake is generally when I spend the most time in the Word, but there’s also times during the day when I’ll just reach for it and open it to read a favourite passage over again. My husband Aaron and I read the Word together when he gets home from work and I find that time to be sweet as we learn more about Christ together. 

Biographies: There’s something about reading of Amy Carmichael or Hudson Taylor that is refreshing, encouraging and exhilarating. I want to live a radically sold-out life for Christ just like Gladys Aylward, Jackie Pullinger, Elisabeth Elliott or Narcissa Whitman. I then have to remind myself that it doesn’t always mean that people will read about the things I did in books or that they’ll talk about how many children I rescued. This is where God has placed me, and I am to live out that same radically sold-out life that all of those women did, but in the context which I’m living. 

Journaling: Oftentimes, when I read my Bible, I will have my journal open too. I write pertinent verses and some thoughts or observations about them. Sometimes I write out lengthy prayers of petition or thanksgiving. Most of the time, I write my innermost thoughts, those things that I’m struggling with, my sorrows, or my joys, my trials and my triumphs. To me, my journal is a written record of my communication with God. It’s encouraging to write within, but I have found it’s even more encouraging to read back through the entries. I began journaling when I was fifteen and although some seasons I was more faithful in writing than others, it’s still pretty consistent. I can really see God at work in my life, through my prayers and innermost desires written on those pages. I have gone back in my journal and discovered things that I didn’t know I had even asked for and realized that God has supplied that far more abundantly than I could ever imagine! 

Good, Deep Conversations: Generally, these would be with someone who is a good girlfriend having a heart to heart conversation about where God is growing and stretching me. These conversations not only make me think at the time, but also even after we’ve parted ways. I’ve also discovered that this kind of conversation doesn’t have to happen face to face. Some of my closest friends live spread across the United States, but I can still have a deep conversation with these lovely friends, one that blesses, encourages and inspires me to strive that much harder after Christ. 

Music: I know this is broad, but it really is hard to define when it happens. It could be a song I’ve never heard before, or one that I’ve heard multiple times on the radio, but one thing I know for sure: good, strong Biblical lyrics can either leave my heart on top of a mountain or my face streaked with awe-struck tears. Andrew Peterson, Watermark (Christy Nockels), Tenth Avenue North, Josh Wilson and JJ Heller are just a few of the artists that help me to contemplate the nature of our Lord and Saviour.


  1. Thanks so much for doing this Anna! I loved reading this!!! =D

  2. My beloved Anna - You are such a blessing from God. Thanks for sharing your inspirations broadly. I'm so grateful to God for you... and so proud of who you've become in Him.



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