April 27, 2011

Canterbury Designs Giveaway!!!

I'm so excited to kick off my first giveaway! Christie and Lauren, the lovely ladies behind Canterbury Designs, are going to giveaway one of these lovely headbands to the lucky winner. Here's how you can enter: Simply leave me a comment saying you want to be entered, or if you're really cool, tell me what's your favorite thing about spring. You can enter more than once by mentioning the giveaway on your blog, Twitter, or Facebook, but make sure you leave a separate comment for each time you enter! We'll announce the winner next Wednesday, May the fourth! Until then, be sure to check out Canterbury Designs! Also, Lauren has an awesome blog you should go check out: Joy Grows

Headband #1

Headband #2

And Headband #3


  1. Oh my word!! These are so stinkin' adorable!! <3 Thanks for hosting this pretty little giveaway, lady. :)

    My favorite thing about spring is that it encases my boyfriends birthday. Other than that, I love the mixture of rain and sunny warmth, and BIKE RIDES!

  2. oh those are adorable! =)

    my favorite thing(s) about spring:
    the warm weather, the sunshine, the blooming buds, long walks, going barefoot, seeing green grass,and wearing springy skirts!

  3. They are so beautiful!

    My favorite thing about spring is seeing all the new life emerge from the ground and seeing all the people come out from hiding in there homes for the winter!

  4. Those are so cute! I would love to enter!

    I pretty much love every thing about spring - the flowers that start blooming in our yard, long walks, wearing flip-flops and twirly skirts, and of course the perfect weather (minus storms and tornados). I'm pretty sure the weather in Heaven will be like spring time... Just without allergies. :)

  5. I posted about it on my blog!

  6. I was born on the first day of spring, so its always been kinda speical to me. I love how fresh everything is and how little plants are beginning to sprout. :-)

  7. Thanks for letting me know via blog, Zoe! I'm entering!

    I don't have just one favorite thing about Spring, but I guess you could say the warm weather and everything that comes with it--time outside, flowers, birds....

  8. And I also just 'tweeted' about it. =)

  9. I posted this on my twitter! :)

  10. I posted this on my facebook too!

  11. ...and lastly, my tumblr lol.


  12. Oops, forgot my blog.


  13. I posted it on Facebook now!

  14. Ooh,ooh, I want one!!! :-D

    Okay, my favorite thing about spring (aside from the pretty green grass we see again) is that I get to pull out my pretty white heels again. It sounds silly I know, but Southern women have a long-standing rule- no white shoes after labor day or before Easter.

  15. cute! Hm...spring...I love the flowers and the sunshine!

  16. These are so cute. Yay for first giveaways :)

  17. Oh I'm so glad I found your blog before your contest ended! What a lovely place you have here... definitely one I'll be reading again : )

    Anyway... my favorite thing about spring is the rain! Around where I live it doesn't rain too much outside of spring, and that makes spring rains a special gift! <3

    ~ Hattie


  18. I blogged!

    *crosses her fingers in hopes of winning one of those adorable things*


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